The internet is flooded with a host of Content Management Systems and there are still more in the coming everyday as a developer pops up every second one of his own. But all of these CMS, do not sweep the niche as has the WordPress. But the question here is, why is WordPress so much popular among developers, designers and SEO managers? I won’t talk for the first two, but surely I will trying to elaborate why WordPress is good for SEO.

But before I jump into the facts, I certainly would like to elaborate why I chose this topic to write on. We recently opened up ourselves to do some freelancing SEO stuffs for Nepali clients also and during this while we have been providing consultancy service to a prominent digital agency in Kathmandu. These guys have been providing web development services to a host of Nepali clients and most of them are established brands.

That was the good part. Now the worst part. They work on their own customized in-house PHP based CMS. I know some people love to have their own customized CMS, but it takes a whole lot of pain to customize these types of CMS. We tried to push our contractors to adopt WP and in the pursuit to look at the issues by standing in our shoes, we ourselves also learned why we are WordPress fans.  Here are some of the most vital points that we shared with them and think might be useful for you also to make a better choice when you are confronted with such a situation.

Fact No #1: Responsive Support Forum

Due to its ever growing and burgeoning user forums and discussions, most of the problems are already answered in the support forum. These support forum provide you automated as well as customized solutions. Scan through them or simply search and a host of solutions or probable ways to figure out a solution will pop up here.

Fact No #2 Short of Coding Expertise, Use a Plugin

WordPress is all about usability. It’s convenient and is made more convenient every day as more and more plugins are rolled out each day for every conceivable problem. And most of these plugins are free. The WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast is one of the best instance of how much the community has given to the making of WordPress. This plugin takes care of most of those SEO problems and that too free of cost. So, in this CMS all you have to know is to know what to plugin to search for and you find the solution.

Fact No #3. It’s the Majority-Used CMS

WordPress is most widely used CMS across the worldwide internet.  Almost 59 percent of the CMS users use WordPress. Due to its wide popularity, a lot of developers and SEO specialists are working on this CMS and making it more SEO friendly by the day.

Fact No#4. Matt Cutt endorses WordPress

This certainly must ring the bells. Because in one of the WordCamp meets, this guy while endorsing WordPress as a great blogging CMS from SEO perspective said that it took take care of 80-90% of the mechanics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Well, what do you want more than this?

Get your digital agency have your site developed in WordPress and if they are reluctant, give us a call, we will manage the rest including optimizing of your site for the best search visibility.


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