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How much do you invest or even think of investing in customer relationship for your business?

If you do, than you know why is it important. Your customer might fall in love with you. And when they do, they take your business to new heights. It can materialize– relationship takes time and effort. And converting that relationship between your business and your customer equally requires steady engagement that is timely and personal. Perhaps you wonder – will I be able to devote so much of time and resources for a concept like love? BUT the better question in maintaining customer relationship would be – can you afford not to?

There are simple yet important reasons why you should care if your customer loves you. When your customers are in love with you, they:

  • Tell everyone they know how great you are.
  • Keep coming back again and again.
  • Spend more time with you.
  • Spend more money on you.
  • Stay loyal – even when things get tough.
  • Will help you reach your goals.

So, how do you get them to fall and stay in love?

I know, you’re already probably into a lot of promotional activities – photos, videos, social media, blogs and countless other strategies. But yet – no love. If your customers aren’t already loving you and your brand, its time you changed your perspective. You should know that your customer is more than just a number – more than a source of revenue. Above all they are human. They have feeling and they deserve respect. Oh! And they want to love you.

Of all the things that you need to know and do FIRST in costumer relationship management are:

  • Forget about customer satisfaction and believe in customer love
  • Stop campaigning and start conversing
  • Remember the love you take is equal to the love you make

And THEN here are tips for customer relationship management that will make them fall in love with you:

Know your customer: Find out what they like. Find out about their interest. Do they use Facebook or Twitter? YouTube or Pinterest? Use this information to engage, create conversation and make connections.

Be yourself: Be honest. Nobody likes a phony. Show your original personality and show them you care. Keep it real and keep it simple.

Stand out from the crowd: Don’t do what everyone else is doing. Be memorable, attractive, and a little mysterious. Create quality content and keep things in shape. Be dynamic to stand out from the crowd.

Tickle their funny bone: It’s about being on the same wavelength with your customer. Find, share, and create content to keep them laughing. Inject fun in your relationship.

You.. complete me: If you’re only thinking about your side of the conversation, your customer will feel ignored and you’ll fail. Go Listening. Ask them the right questions. Show them respect and remember – talk with them, not at them.

Turn them on: You want them to look forward to hearing from you again and again. Being bland and boring isn’t going to cut it. Find out what your customer wants and give it to them.

Give your customer their space: Don’t be obsessive and annoying. There’s a fine line between connecting to your customer and inundating them on every channel at the same time shoving your message down their throats. Integrate your strategies and let your channels work together to complete the package.

A Matter of Trust: Listen when they need to talk. Respond and share in return. Respect and support them and let them know they matter day after day after day. Trust is a commitment of time and energy that pays off big in the end.

The unexpected: Girls love… [errr, I mean customers love] surprises! The kind of magical surprises that brighten their day, make them want to tell their friends, and make them feel special.

Love can create magic. And don’t forget – your customers are like you. Humans. And if you can connect the love thingy with your customer – you’ll get to enjoy the magic in your business.


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